Our History

OptiBuy was founded based on the experience of two companies: German consulting company  Araia and Polish based company OptiBuy Procurement Solutions.

  • 2004 – Araia Consulting opens an office in Poland
  • 2005 – OptiBuy Procurement Solution was founded by a manager with long experience in purchasing
  • The first implementation of electronic platform for inquiries and electronic auctions.
  • In the following years Opti-Buy works closely with department Araia in Poland and abroad.
  • 2010 – start of a partnership with the leading provider of purchasing software – Ivalua Buyer.
  • 2011 – OptiBuy takes over Araia branch in Poland, and reactivates its foreign sourcing offices in the Czech Republic and China
  • 2017 – new office opens on Jan Kazimierz 3 Street in Warsaw – Eqlibrium building

OPTIBUY Sp. z o.o.


Jana Kazimierza 3
01-248 Warszawa

Tel: +48 22 661 52 60
Email: info@optibuy.com

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