Cost optimisation

Modern procurement is something more than the ability to negotiate. It requires a profound understanding of production and service processes, organisational structures and commercial and technical know-how.

The aim of the cost optimisation project is to reduce costs and expenditure connected with individual purchase categories – from analysing potentials to generating real savings which will appear in the profit and loss account.

At OptiBuy we use the OptiCAT, method which is based on the What-Where-How principle. This divides procurement methods into three clearly defined areas which require action, and enables us to develop a working strategy for each purchase strategy.


does the client purchase?

null Simplification/Redesign-To-Cost
null Reduction of Variety
null Demand Management
null Make or Buy


does the client purchase?

null Sourcing
null Bundling
null Reallocation
null Negotiations


does the client purchase?

null Organisation and processes
null Supply chain optimisation
null Supplier relations
null Contract optimisations

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