easyRFX auction platform

We offer our clients both, access to easyRFX auction platform, so they can independently create their own listings, as well as full service auction organization. Key customers are also able to createindividual auction platform, which can be integrated with their website

OptiBuy easyRFX is:

  • significant reduction of time spent on purchase activities
  • is supported through a web browser – no installation of the system is required
  • is adapted to your needs, it can also be integrated with your website
  • does not require large investments
  • allows you to carry out various types of events (eg, classic auctions, reverse auctions, Dutch auctions, sealed auctions)
  • is adjustable to carry both simply auctions, as well as to multi parameter auctions
  • allows you to define the duration of any auction
  • does not require a lengthy training or expertise, you can easily start working with the platform
  • has already been successfully used in Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Great Britain, Poland, Switzerland, Spain and Brazil
  • experience from carried out more than 5000 purchasing auctions
  • has a number of language versions each of the bidders choose the same language, so you can more easily coordinateauctions in which bidders participate from different countries

OPTIBUY Sp. z o.o.


Jana Kazimierza 3
01-248 Warszawa

Tel: +48 22 661 52 60
Fax: +48 22 661 52 61
Email: info@optibuy.com


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