OptiBuy to improve internal processes of an international heat treatment leader

SECO/WARWICK, a global heat treatment tycoon with customers in 70 countries, has been working on the improvement of various processes for years. This time, it is trying to improve its internal business processes in order to create a cornerstone for continued growth.

The improvement efforts are supported by the OptiBuy consulting company, which specialises in reducing costs and improving procurement and sourcing processes.

The companies started working together in 2013.

During the first project, OptiBuy consultants advised SECO/WARWICK on how to reduce non-production costs. It was during that project that costs of travel, translation, packaging or banking services were streamlined. Framework agreements signed with suppliers helped in securing the supply chain while reducing indirect costs. However, the greatest challenge during the previous project was to identify the optimum model for doing business with the suppliers considering the highly distributed structure of the individual plants and the nature of the company’s business. This effort was successful, causing us to continue working with OptiBuy, which demonstrated itself to be a proven service provider, says Katarzyna Kowalska, Procurement Director at SECO/WARWICK.


The latest project was initiated in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement processes. Costs, processes and organisation were considered to determine how to centralise some of the related activities. After several months’ work, SECO/WARWICK received a set of suggestions on how to unify and improve its internal processes.

These recommendations were complemented by suggestions on how to centralise and harmonise common activities between the parent company in Poland and one of the subsidiaries in Germany.

Improving the cooperation between the subsidiary and the head office in Poland will considerably accelerate customer service, which is crucial in establishing long-term relations, while reducing costs. The recommendations were partially based on new technologies and logistics processes that could not be implemented in the past because the required solutions had not been available. We are glad that we were able to once again face the challenge of improving the advanced internal processes of SECO/WARWICK – clarifies Dr Tomasz Gonsior, Partner at OptiBuy.

About Seco/Warwick
SECO/WARWICK is a technology leader in innovative heat treatment of metal. The company specialises in end-to-end solutions for 5 areas: heat treatment in vacuum, aluminium and atmospheres and soldering of heat exchangers and vacuum metallurgy. The SECO/WARWICK Group gathers 11 companies on 3 continents, with customers in 70 countries. The Group supplies standard or dedicated cutting-edge equipment and technologies for heat treatment to the leading companies in the automotive, aviation, electronic, machinery, toolmaking, medical, recycling, and energy (including nuclear, wind, fuel and solar energy) industries as well as equipment and technologies for the production of steel, titan and aluminium.
About OptiBuy
OptiBuy is an international consultancy specialized in procurement management. We are providing a broad range of outstanding procurement solutions, using an international network of our own offices (Poland, Czech, Switzerland and China), extensive market knowledge and advanced set of IT tools. We are one of the leading procurement consulting companies in Central-Eastern Europe. Our specialties are optimisation of procurement costs (cost-cutting projects), global sourcing projects and implementation of the specialized procurement software solutions (Ivalua, NextBuy).

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