PKP Energetyka on the track towards full automation of processes

PKP Energetyka, with the OptiBuy company, has begun the process of implementing advanced procurement and sourcing solutions under the Ivalua banner.

PKP Energetyka is a leader in the construction and maintenance of contact line systems, as well as railway electrical power engineering in Poland. It has been operating since 2001 and is part of CVC Capital Partners, one of the largest investment funds in the world. It employs 5,500 people in 9 facilities throughout Poland, and is the only Distribution System Operator to have its own distribution network around the country.

Over the last few years, the Company has been consistently implementing advanced technological solutions, thus improving the quality, safety and effectiveness of its operations. It has already implemented a Workforce Management class work coordination system, IT tools supporting train safety management systems, and a maintenance system for railway vehicles including mobile and virtual training solutions.

To increase the safety of transactions, the effectiveness of internal processes, to ensure a solid foundation for long-term development and to build a competitive advantage, amongst other things, the Company has also decided to implement an advanced SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) procurement solution, delivered by Ivalua.

Within the framework of the over one year-long project, it is anticipated that modules facilitating the registration of contracts, e-folder use, tender procedure management, supplier relationship management (SRM) and invoice handling will all be added.

The key premises behind this decision were not only safety and the optimisation and acceleration of procurement processes. The Company also cares about the comfort of users, suppliers and the transparency of procurement operations within the entire organisation. The Ivalua system meets expectations as to the planned needs, both at the operational and strategic level. The possibility of integrating the new tool with the Company’s existing solutions, including its SAP system, is also of crucial importance.

So far, the Company’s orders and tenders have often been handled manually, and very often outside any kind of formal system, thus making them both time and labour intensive. The new SaaS system will automate some of these processes, including general proceedings, negotiations and contract approval, as well as invoicing. It will help employees eliminate errors, shorten procurement procedures and enable the use of a transaction history and contract database.

Implementation of the system will be handled by the OptiBuy company. OptiBuy boasts extensive experience from similar projects, both nationally and Europe-wide.

A PKP Energetyka representative involved in the project said, “We hope that working with such an experienced Ivalua partner as OptiBuy will bring the desired effects. What convinced us was the certification team. Moreover, we believe that their experience will enable us to configure the new system for optimal tailoring to the needs of our internal processes, while ensuring maximum ease for users.”

– In an era of processes automation and computers handling numerous daily tasks, buyers can make strategic decisions about which supplier to choose and sign a contract with – said Mateusz Borowiecki, Managing Director at OptiBuy. – There’s the integrated database of suppliers and the tenders functionality, facilitating the process and providing an abundance of precious data. With just one click, buyers will be able to view an offer and define the potential of a given supplier, the potential risks, or even view the work history together – both for low- and high-quantity procurement projects. This is one of several possibilities offered by the procurement software.

About PKP Energetyka
PKP Energetyka S.A. commenced its full operational activity as of 1st October 2001, following a corporate restructuring, commercialisation and privatisation of Polskie Koleje Państwowe [Polish State Railways]. Currently, it is responsible for 3.4 % of the domestic energy consumption and has 5.3% contribution in the sales of energy to end-users. The only shareholder of PKP Energetyka S.A. is Caryville Investments Sp. z o.o., owned by CVC Capital Partners, one of the largest investment funds worldwide. It manages funds entrusted by renowned financial and state bodies as well as pension funds. Within almost 35 years, our fund has managed over 300 investment projects worth almost 60 billion dollars, in Europe, USA and Asia.


About OptiBuy

OptiBuy is an international consulting company specialising in procurement management. We offer a wide range of excellent procurement solutions, using our global network of offices (in Poland, Czech, Switzerland, Germany and China), in-depth market knowledge and extensive set of IT tools. We are one of the leading companies, dealing with procurement consultancy in Central-Eastern Europe. We specialise in procurement cost optimisation (cost reduction projects), Global Sourcing projects as well as the implementation of specialist procurement software solutions (Ivalua and NextBuy).


About Ivalua

Ivalua is a procurement platform used by over 250 leading companies around the world to manage direct and indirect spending worth over 500 billion dollars. A combination of easy operation, dedicated solutions and flexibility ensures perfect tailoring of its functionalities to the needs of employees and suppliers.

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