The PROCON Manufacturing 2017 procurement conference – a unique event for direct Buyers

This year’s purchasing conference dedicated to manufacturing companies – PROCON Manufacturing – was not held in the Katowice Special Economic Zone as usual, but in the capital of Lower Silesia. Sofitel Hotel, located right at the Wrocław Market Square, hosted more than 70 guests of the Conference, which was held from 29 to 30 May 2017.

Organising the PROCON Manufacturing conference, we have primarily aimed to create a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience among manufacturing purchase professionals,” says Mateusz Borowiecki, CEO of OptiBuy, a consultancy company and the conference organiser. “It is a very important role of the conference to spread the best practices and new solutions in the industry in order for them to be applied in one’s own company,” adds.

One of the leading topics of the lectures were relationships with suppliers, which were discussed from several perspectives. Łukasz Kozicki, a Manager in NextBuy emphasised the importance of supplier assessment:

In today’s world, where much is being said about Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things, we are to much extent dependent on suppliers, we connect with them, create relationships, and its only with reliable information that we can build trust. Supplier assessment in a manufacturing company, and not only in a manufacturing company, is a key element allowing us to minimise the risk.”

Monika Chutnik, a Managing Director at ETTA Global Leadership Consulting, spoke about the importance of trust in business relations and differences in the process of building trust depending on cultural realities. She showed that defining certain cultural traits of a partner at the beginning of your cooperation allows you to determine elements necessary to build your success together based on trust. Łukasz Kosmala, Senior Sourcing Manager at DeLaval, approached the issue of cooperation with suppliers from a slightly different perspective and, in his lecture, he demonstrated how one can deal with and approach negotiations with contractors characterised by a strong monopolistic drive or who enjoy a very strong position in the market.

In the Opening Lecture, Dr Jan Vašek, a purchasing expert, presented a contrasting view on the issue of changing prices and spoke about the problem of… dropping prices. A situation that Buyers dream of and the one that is only seemingly comfortable for both the Buyers and the entire organisation.

Crises and planned changes may create certain internal problems, which is obvious for every self-respecting manager or director. Tymoteusz Myśliwiec, Transformation Manager at LeanPassion, gave a compelling presentation, discussing the issues of the transformation of a purchasing organisation based on the lean strategy along with threats, opportunities, and chances it brings.

The meeting was concluded with a success story of the Polish energy market leader, Tauron Group, regarding savings achieved thanks to process and operational improvements in purchasing departments, presented by Agata Kulikowska, who represented the Purchasing Management Team of Tauron Polska Energia. This presentation was a real treat for the fans of shockingly large numbers.

The conference part was well complemented by the Discussion Panel moderated by Dr Tomasz Gonsior entitled “Purchases 4.0 in Manufacturing”. The Guests – Dr Jan Vašek, Andrzej Zawistowski (PSML), and Michał Szlacic (Vice President of the Board at Logintrade) – discussed the changes that the Industry 4.0 concept brings for purchasing in general.

After the official part ended, the Participants had the opportunity to share their experience and exchange insights in a more relaxed atmosphere at the evening meeting at the Spiż restaurant and brewery at the Wrocław Market Square.

The workshop part of the conference was attended by those who besides theoretical discussions wanted to polish up their skills in creating purchasing strategies. Led by Dr Tomasz Gonsior, an expert, practitioner, and industry consultant with many years of experience, they had an opportunity to prepare a purchasing strategy for chosen categories of direct purchases based on tools provided and could receive valuable feedback and discuss the solutions they adopted.

Polish Supply Management Leaders Association (PSML) provided content-related assistance, while the Organisers were supported by the Partners – NextBuy (company offering comprehensive e-procurement solutions – and Dolnośląska Agencja Współpracy Gospodarczej (

We would like to thank all the Lecturers, Partners, Sponsors, and Participants for their time, commitment, and support in creating this purchasing event at such a high level.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon at the next PROCON events and hope that contacts and knowledge you acquired at the conference will prove useful in your everyday duties.

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